We have been keeping pace with discerning demands and innovative tastes since 1934, earning the trust of generations of consumers. Yet now, more than ever, the company is positioned to embrace the dawn of a new era with renewed vigor, having acquired sophisticated state-of-the-art advances in our baking and packaging equipments.

Our fully automated production line not only ensures safe, hygienic and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, but further enables us to increase our product line and overall production capacity, conduct effective R&D activities, all of which reflect Lee Biscuits' long term strategy for regional and global growth.

Recent development of new products have been well received in the market and thus contributed positively to the brand image as well as market trend. Among all, we are the first biscuit maker in Malaysia to launch Spirulina Filled Crackers. It is highly nutritious with a healthy balance of vital nutrients, thus makes the first choice of health-full treats for the entire family. Another recommended biscuit for health-conscious consumers goes to Nutri Multi-grain Biscuits. Having a high content of dietary fibre, it is Trans Fat-Free and Cholesterol-Free. It contains 9 types of whole grain which are prepared from high quality ingredients that have been processed with infra-red technology.

Biscuits that please our children much are Choco Chips Biscuits and Moo Moo Biscuits. The rich chocolaty taste makes the crunchy Choco Chips Biscuits an all-time-favourite for a satisfactory snack. Moo Moo Biscuits are baked using premium grade full cream milk powder. They are rich in calcium and also enriched with multiple Vitamins, Iodine and Iron.

The effort to invent more and better tastes will go on at Lee Biscuits to promote a happy, refreshing and healthy lifestyle.